In addition to the headliner acts, variety shows and magician acts in Las Vegas, there are a choice of comedy shows where you can sit back relax and have an evening of fun and laughter.

Ray Romano and Keith James

Ray Romano and Keith James offer a night of side splitting laughter, these two on their own are funny, together they provide a night of entertainment you will never forget.

Gregory Popvich’s Pet Theater

Imagine pets doing acts complete with hilarious commentary, a good laugh for the entire family. It’s funny, heartwarming and fun. A must see when you’re next in Las Vegas.

Carrot Top

Carrot Top is one of the funniest standup comedians in the world and his Las Vegas comedy show does not disappoint. This red headed comedian will have you rolling on the floor with tears pouring down your face as he does his skit.

Eddie Griffiths

Eddie Griffiths puts on a two hour comedy show in Las Vegas guaranteed to offer some side splitting fun. It’s not too insulting, but does consist of adult content so over eighteens only.

Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay has returned to Las Vegas to continue entertaining the audience with his rather crude comedy show. He is funny, he is also exceptionally crude with his own unique twist on nursery rhymes. Good fun but not for those under eighteen.

Blue Man Group

Imagine three bald men in blue paint, this is what the Blue Man Group is. They just happen to be highly entertaining as they interact with the audience during this Las Vegas comedy show. It’s a show with a difference and a fun way to spend an evening out in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

This is just a handful of the comedy shows that take place in Las Vegas each year, some are on for one night only, while others are permanent acts performing for years at a time.