Hypnotists have always intrigued audiences from around the world and Las Vegas has a number of fantastic shows to choose from. If you want to be amazed, if you want to find yourself on stage clucking like a hen or just having a laugh at others, this is the option for you.

Be warned, most hypnotist shows in Las Vegas require audience participation, so if you just want to watch without being involved, then don’t choose front row seats.

Anthony Cools

Anthony Cools – The Unlicensed Hypnotist show in Las Vegas gets the audience squealing in delight. The ninety minute show will have you amazed with audience participation, various scenes and more.


Paranormal is a hypnotist’s show by Frederic de Silva, international hypnotist who uses his mind-blowing techniques to amaze his audience. The audience can feel him without him ever touching him. Frederic de Silva uses his magic ability to read minds with hypnosis to provide a fun and thrilling show at Bally’s in Las Vegas.

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

This is a fun and entertaining hypnotists show for the over eighteens visiting Las Vegas. Be prepared to be welcomed onto the stage as the show requires audience participation to provide fun, thrills and laughter.

Hypnosis Unleashed

Kevin Lepine is a certified hypnotists and comedian who incorporates his two show stopping abilities to create a night to remember in Las Vegas. This funny, interactive and exciting hypnotist’s show is a must to experience when next in the city.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for many years to persuade people to stop smoking, lose weight and so much more. The hypnotists in Las Vegas have taken their power of persuasion to a whole new level to create a fun, exciting and thrilling night of entertainment in this stunning city. Hypnosis is the ability to make a person do something outside of their control, this is why it’s so useful for those looking to stop smoking, after hypnosis they cannot bear the taste of a cigarette and therefore quit.