Due to the amazing natural beauty that surrounds Las Vegas you have the choice to take a guided mountain biking tour for the day or hire a bicycle and head out on your own, taking advantage of one of the many trails available around the area.

Hoover Dam Tours

Mountain biking is one of the top ways to explore the Hoover Dam. Enjoy some of the most spectacular views as you enjoy this seven hour guided tour, which includes a picnic lunch and a chance to sit back, relax and soak up the abundance of beauty surrounding you. Explore the Colorado River, Lake Mead and more as you peddle along as part of this fun and easy tour.

Cowboy Trails

Cowboy Trails is a fifteen mile trail of single track and very popular with mountain bikers. This is not for the beginner cyclist and as you make your way down the narrow path, going up and down hills, be sure to keep an eye out for horse riders and hikers. The starting point is located at the Red Rock Canyon Stables.

Badger Pass

Badger Pass is over nine miles of single track located in the Red Rock National Conservation area. This trail offers spectacular views as you make your way up and down and through the various switches. You can take the White Rhino trail if you’re looking for a more technical course or stay on your current trail if you have beginner riders with you.

Blue Diamond Loop

The Blue Diamond Loop is over ten miles of exciting trails which starts and ends in the small town of Blue Diamond. The starting point can be found at Mcghies Bike Outpost, from here you start your moderate climb. It is a great choice for beginner riders and gives you the opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and have some exciting exercise