Visitors heading to Las Vegas usually have a number of questions that they want answering. This can be basic questions about the legal drinking or gambling age to whether they can take a photograph in a casino. Here is a list of the top FAQ’s asked by visitors in Las Vegas.

Can I Take a Photograph in a Casino?

The answer to this questions is actually a gray area. While it is not forbidden, it is not appreciated as it can be seen as a security risk. Be discreet if taking a quick picture, don’t record your gaming experience and when asked to stop, put the camera a way and enjoy your time.

Can My 19 Year Old Accompany Me in the Casino?

One of the main questions parents have is visiting a casino with their family in tow. It’s important to be aware that in addition to the casino rules, there are also curfews in place throughout Las Vegas for those under eighteen.

In answer to this specific question, your 19 year old can walk through the casino if accompanied by an adult, but they cannot loiter or join you at a table, even if they are not gambling.

Can I Cash a Check at a Casino?

Each casino has different rules about cashing checks. Most will consider cashing a check as long as you have valid identification and at least one credit card with you.

Cash I Cash My Chips at Any Casino?

Another of the top FAQ asked by those visiting the city is they visit one casino, walk out with their chips and then visit another casino. They want to then cash in all their chips, what do they do? You will be pleased to know that many casinos will cash in other casinos chips but only for smaller amounts, so if you have won big sums at various casinos, it’s advisable to head back to each one to cash in your winnings.

What is the Legal Age for Drinking Alcohol in Las Vegas?

The legal age for drinking in Las Vegas is twenty one, this is also the legal age for gambling.

Can I Smoke in a Casino?

Floor spaces in the larger casinos allow smoking, they do have non-smoking sections as well. Lounges and nightclubs that don’t serve food also allow smoking.

Can I Bring My Dog to Las Vegas with Me?

Some of the hotels in Las Vegas do allow small pets, though it’s worthwhile checking their pet policy as there are a number of places within the hotel that pets are not allowed.