Las Vegas is known for it’s shimmering lights, exciting entertainment, world class luxury hotels, weddings and gambling, but there are a number of facts you may not know about this thrilling city.

  • Gambling was first legalized in Las Vegas in 1931.
  • The first hotel and casino built in Las Vegas was the Golden Gate in 1906.
  • The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign was created by Betty Willis in 1959.
  • Part of the famous Las Vegas strip isn’t actually in Las Vegas, it’s in Clark County.
  • The Stratosphere Tower is the fifth tallest building in the United States.
  • Vegas Vic, the neon cowboy in Fremont Street is the largest mechanical sign in the United States.
  • When Paul Anka performed in Las Vegas for the very first time, he was too young to step into a casino.
  • Seventeen of the twenty biggest United States hotels are based in Las Vegas.
  • The Eiffel Tower replica which sits outside the Paris Hotel on the Strip was designed to be the full size, but had to be sized down due to it’s proximity to the airport.
  • Interestingly Las Vegas is the unofficial ninth island of Hawaii.
  • There is a tunnel system running underneath the strip which is home to approximately one thousand people.
  • There are so many top luxury hotels and resorts throughout Las Vegas and it would take one person two hundred and eighty eight years to spend just one night in each and every single hotel room in the city.
  • Weddings are exceptionally popular in Las Vegas and there are over one hundred and fifty couples that tie the knot each and every day in the city.
  • It is still legal to hang someone who shoots your dog on your own property.
  • It is illegal to ride a camel on the highway in Las Vegas.
  • Hard hats which are used on constructions sites around the world were first invented for the construction workers working on the Hoover Dam in 1933.