There is no shortage of choice when it comes to how to get around once you arrive in Las Vegas. With an abundance of choices to choose from, you can easily access all the major sights and attractions this exciting city in the desert has to offer.

The options to get around in Las Vegas include:


Most visitors to this exciting city choose to get around on foot. It’s the best way to explore all the sights and attractions and definitely the best way to experience the famous Las Vegas Strip. This way you don’t miss a thing and really get a feel for what this city has to offer.

Car Rental

There is an extensive choice of car rental companies operating at the airport and within the city. Your hotel should also be able to assist you in hiring a vehicle if you choose. This gives you the freedom to explore the surrounding area as well as the city itself, giving you access to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, for example.

Limousine Rental

Whether you’re heading to Las Vegas to get married or you want a special evening, you can choose to hire a limousine. Rentals vary in hourly rates and accommodate two to thirty or more people, ideal for all types of occasions.


Taxis are one of the easiest ways to get around in Las Vegas. Most of the taxis work on a metered system with an initial charge and then charging per mile thereafter. It’s convenient and an easy method to get around within the city.

Public Transport

There is a great choice of reliable public transport for getting around Las Vegas. Tis includes the bus service which runs twenty four hours a day throughout the city. The Monorail is another popular choice which travels from Sahara Avenue to MGM Grand starting at 7am through to 12am.