Las Vegas welcomes visitors from around the globe on a daily basis. There are a number of ways to get to Las Vegas, depending on where you are traveling from. Those within the US can choose from four different travel options, while those arriving directly from their home country will arrive at the international airport.

McCarren International Airport

McCarren International Airport is a hub of activity and one of the busiest airports in the United States. It handles over one thousand flights daily with visitors flocking to the Entertainment Capital of the World for a vacation they will remember for years to come.

The airport has direct flights from over one hundred US cities with over forty airline carriers using the airport to get their visitors to this busy city.


If you’re already in the United States and are looking for a stress free travel option to get to Las Vegas, then you may want to consider one of the many bus options available. There are six bus services to the city from destinations throughout the country. This is one of the top choices for those who don’t enjoy flying or don’t want to drive themselves.


Another way to get to Las Vegas is by rail. Amtrak Rail Services offer two trains that will take you close to Las Vegas, from there you will take the bus service to get you the final stretch to your destination.

The Southwest Chief takes visitors as far as Kingman, from there use the bus service to get you into the city. The San Joaquin Route will go as far as Bakersfield and from there use the reliable bus transfer to the Las Vegas city center.

By Car

The majority of visitors that aren’t traveling by air choose to drive. Driving to Las Vegas is a beautiful drive where you can soak up some of the desert scenery along the way.

Those traveling from Los Angeles can take the Interstate 15 which takes approximately four hours and provides some spectacular sights along the route. Those coming from Phoenix can take the US. 93, while those traveling from San Francisco will have to take the I-80 to get to Las Vegas with ease.