Las Vegas is a bustling and exciting entertainment hub located in the Mojave Desert, so as you can imagine it enjoys an abundance of sunshine with a subtropical climate.

The Las Vegas weather is hot desert weather with sunshine throughout most of the year. There aren’t any unwelcome tornados to worry about, which is why this is such a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Hottest Months

The Las Vegas weather is at its hottest during summer, which is from June through to September with July being the hottest month of the year. During this time you can expect hot and dry weather where the swimming pool at the hotel will be a great place to relax with your family or friends before heading out for the night.

Coldest Months

Las Vegas doesn’t experience much of a winter, though the cooler months are during the winter, with December definitely being the coldest. It’s during this time where you will see snow on the mountain tops that surround the city. Las Vegas is set in a valley and the snow very seldom falls in the valley itself.

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, you don’t have to worry too much about rain. While Las Vegas weather does include rain from time to time with February being the wettest month of the year, there is only an average of around twenty six days of rain each year.

When to Visit

If you want the Las Vegas weather to decide when the best time to visit is, then it’s up to you what type of vacation you want to have. If you intend enjoying the shows, doing some gambling at the casinos and enjoying the nightlife, then there isn’t a right or wrong time to visit.

If you prefer exploring the local area, heading out to do some hiking and maybe some white river rafting, then you may want to choose just after the heat of July, where you will enjoy hot days with an abundance of sunshine.