Because Las Vegas is a resort and gaming city, there are a number of age restrictions in place which must be adhered to. Whether visiting with your children or arriving with friends who are under the legal age in the city, there are some things you need to be aware of before you travel.


People over the age of twenty one are the only ones permitted into a casino and to gamble. This is the legal age for gambling in the city. Anyone who is underage and wins, being unable to offer proof of age, will have their winnings forfeited.


Twenty one is also the legal age to drink alcohol in Las Vegas without exception. Those who turn twenty one at midnight are able to start drinking alcohol from 12.01am. So if you’re planning to celebrate your twenty first in Las Vegas, bear this in mind.


Only those over twenty one are able to book into a hotel. This means that a group of friends booking into a hotel in Las Vegas will have to adhere to the age restrictions with the booking and check in being in a person’s name who is over this age.


Anyone under the age of twenty one is not allowed in any gaming areas, though they are allowed to walk through the casino when accompanied with an adult over the age of twenty one. This means walking straight through and not loitering at a machine or table on-route.


When it comes to age restriction in Las Vegas it’s important you are aware that the city does have an age limit curfew. There is a 9pm curfew for anyone under eighteen on the strip on holidays and weekends.

In addition to this the curfew throughout the city for under eighteens is 10pm on school nights. Off the strip the curfew is midnight on weekends and holidays.

This rule does not apply if they are accompanied by a parent or adult over twenty one.