Gambling is a very big industry in Las Vegas with the majority of hotels incorporating a top casino for their guest’s enjoyment. In fact twenty percent of the countries gambling income comes from Las Vegas with gambling making up a third of the state’s tax revenue.

Important Facts

Gambling was first legalized in Las Vegas in 1931 which saw the first casino being built on Highway 91. Today the gambling throughout the city is regulated and managed by the Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Board.

Anyone who wants to take part in gambling in Las Vegas has to be twenty one or older. Persons who turn twenty one at midnight can enter the casino and play from that point onwards, but not before.


Even gambling winnings are subject to tax over a certain amount, and the casino has the obligatory right to withhold up to thirty percent of your winnings for taxes. American citizens who cannot present their social security number will have up to twenty five percent of their winnings held back for federal taxes.

Foreign gamblers who find they win over a certain amount will find that up to thirty percent of their winnings is held back for tax purposes.

Dos and Don’ts of Gambling in Las Vegas

There are rules that everyone abides by when playing games in Las Vegas, whether you’re sitting at a slot machine or a poker table, you need to ensure you abide by these rules, otherwise you stand the risk of being removed from the establishment.

One of the most obvious is that you must not cheat. Cheater are not tolerated in any gambling establishments throughout the city. Terrorizing or mocking other players is also not accepted and can also see you being removed from the casino quickly by security personnel.

In addition to this you must not swear when you lose a hand, obscene language is not appreciated and gambling while under the influence of alcohol is not recommended.

Finally, ensure that you tip your dealer, waiter and bar person fairly while gambling.