Gambling is a major contributor to the Las Vegas economy. Most people go to Las Vegas to take advantage of the gambling, fine restaurants and host of activities.

There are some things you may not realize when it comes to gambling odds in Las Vegas. While you may play for a few hours and see it as luck if you win or lose, to the casinos it’s all about math. They are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, this means they cannot take risks. In turn, this means that the casino will win in a majority of cases.

Casino Advantages

Casinos need the odds to work in their favor in order to stay in business. While you may win some money during your few hours, over the course of twenty four hours, the casino will come out on top.

In the game blackjack, the casino will win up to 5.9% of the time, in craps this can increase up to 17%, depending on the game being played and slots can reach up to 14%.

Video poker works in the casinos favor by 12% with Wheel of Fortune sitting at the highest odds at up to 24%.

Fair Bets and Rules

If a casino was to work on fair bets, winning only half of the games being played, they would still break even. Of course with the taxes and fees payable, staff to be paid and games to maintain, they have to ensure they win the majority of games moving forward to keep their doors open.

All rules are tailored in the casinos favor. A good example of this is playing Blackjack. The casino will always reveal their cards last. If you bust, going over twenty one, in the game, even if the casino also busts, they are considered the winner. This is just one of the many rules that works in their favor, ensuring the odds are on their side.