Pre-paid gambling cards are widely accepted throughout Las Vegas. The majority of these are pre-paid debit cards which link to your rewards account. This means that the more you spend in the casino, the more points and rewards you receive, offering you a choice of promotions and advantages during your stay.

Total Rewards Visa Card

The most common and widely accepted pre-paid gambling card is the Total Rewards Visa Card which is accepted at most of the casinos throughout the city. This card gives you five thousand rewards for every $250 spent. You also earn five times reward credits for every Dollar you spend in the casino and the biggest advantage is that the rewards points don’t expire, so you can use them for your next Las Vegas vacation.

Casino Credit

Casino Credit is used by select casinos throughout this resort city, these are not really pre-paid gambling cards, but they do give you access to your cash without the need to carry cash.


M-Life is a rewards program which is offered in a wide number of the casinos in Las Vegas where you can earn a choice of benefits as you gamble. This means that you can enjoy room discounts and access entertainment with ease in more than fifteen Las Vegas destinations.


The majority of casinos will be able to assist you with pre-paid gambling cards and they are also in the process of accepting these in slot machines throughout the city. The major advantage to this is that you only have the cash on you that you are willing to spend in the casino.

Rather than carrying your regular debit or credit cards with unlimited access to funds, you can set yourself a budget for gaming and then use your pre-paid gambling cards at the casinos to ensure you don’t exceed this budget.